Journey to the East: 30 June 2012


Entering Wisconsin

Down in the village
the din of
flute and drum,
here in the mountains
everywhere the sound of the pines

On, Wisconsin
A long, hot exhausting day today. The campgrounds have become sparse on the route and there are none at the terminus of this section of the route, Stillwater, MN. Since I was planning to ride into Minneapolis/St. Paul along the spur route I needed to be as close as possible to Stillwater so as to not make it too much of an epic ride. The route crosses the St. Croix river and then one is in Wisconsin for oh 30 miles or so. The closest campgrounds were slightly off route in Wisconsin so i ended up spending one night in the state. The day was hot, hot and humid and mostly though farmland. This of course is more open and thus more exposed to the scorching sun. Once in Wisconsin the route became hilly, first along the river but then again in open farmland. I missed a turn on the route but it ended up taking me directly to Float Rite Park one of the two camping options. Overheated and worn out I decided to stay here. This turned out be be party oriented ‘ground, literally: they sell booze, have a bar and a band played into the night. I’ve not really seen a ‘ground quite like this. I was put right amongst the throngs but a sympathetic security guard who was interested in my tour suggested I move to a shady spot above the main party area. I gratefully agreed. It was of course loud and crazy but I was away from it all and was tired enough to sleep alright once the band packed it in.

Looking ahead only brings anxiety,
the past is a trap;
dwelling in the present is the way

3 thoughts on “Journey to the East: 30 June 2012”

  1. Congratulations! Wisconsin. Quite a trek from Seattle.

    How much did you plan ahead for campgrounds, inns, routes (and alternative routes)? And are you pretty much on schedule, if there is one?

    Oh, how’s the Atlantis holding up? I’m taking mine into the shop today to have my new Paul cantis and Honjos installed.

    -Steve DeMont

    P.S. I’ve passed this site onto a few cycling friends in Seattle and the Bay Area and Detroit.

    1. The Adventurere Cycling maps list all the campgrounds etc on and near the route. I pretty much look about one day ahead unless something is coming up, like say meeting up with someone. I don’t really have a schedule so I’m right on it!

      Atlantis is doing great so far. I need to get my rear wheel trued but it’s a new wheel and I was told I’d need to do tht after a bit. Those additions to your Atlantis sound great – love the Honjos.

      Thanks for the networking !

  2. Sorry to hear about another crappy camping experience. But Wisconsin-yay! And Minneapolis soon!

    When you are in Wisconsin, I urge you to seek out New Glarus beer. Only available in that state.

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