Journey to the East: 29 June 2012


Tires eye view

It’s all falling or burning —
     rattle of boulders
     steady dribbling of rocks down cliffs
     bark chips in creeks
Porcupine chased here —
From Tillamook a thousand miles
Soot and hot ashes. Forest fires
Upper Skagit burned I think 1919
Smoke covered all northern Washington.
     lightening strikes, flares,
Blossoms a fire on the hill.
Smoke like clouds. Blotting the sun
Stinging the eyes.
The hot seeds steam underground
     still alive.
-Gary Snyder, from Burning

Those hazy days of summer
It was hot humid and hazy today. The wind off Mille Lacs Lake had blown in thousands of mayflys which where everywhere, though still not their peak a campsite worker assured me. The route was at first along the lake then turned more southeast into more farmland. Still plenty of trees and little lakes and bogs of course, but definitely more fields of young corn. The day had dawned clear blue but then this haze came in and persisted. Listening to Minnesota Public Radio at camp that night I found out that this is smoke from the massive Colorado wildfires. Crazy. It’s just going to get hotter too over the next couple of days. Anyway by late afternoon I’d arrived at the Springvale Campground which in marked contrast to Castaway’s is an excellent private ‘ground. Very low rates for touring cyclists and all the amenities. As the daylight dwindled the hazy sky was painted brilliant shades of orange and pink.

Homeless by choice,
freely wandering this land
living in the moment

4 thoughts on “Journey to the East: 29 June 2012”

  1. Looks like you’ll be in Minneapolis in no time! Hope you have time to check it out, it is one of my favorite cities. And heading down the Mississippi Valley in “Bluff Country” is also another special experience, one of my favorite touring experiences. Check out the bike shop in Wabasha if you have a chance. I don’t know if you’ll route yourself through La Crosse, WI, but also another cool spot to check out.

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