Journey to the East: 27 June 2012



Being eaten by mosquitos.

Of thunderstorms and mosquitos
The morning was hot and humid and there wasn’t much between where I’d camped and Grand Rapids. So I pressed on through farmland and trees, the light wind generally against me. As per usual the wind began to pick up in the afternoon, but as it just began to get strong I arrived at Grand Rapids and had lunch at “Brewed Awakenings”. I’d been pretty tapped out but after lunch I felt much revived and decided to do another twenty miles or so. As I rode back though town I saw dark clouds ahead and several jagged forks of lightning. Leaving a grocery store after laying in supplies the air was insanely thick – humidity you could almost see. As I set out the storm broke and while the thunder and lightening was mostly pretty distant it rained on and off most the way – the clouds blocking the sun and the cool rain was rather refreshing really. Around 5pm I arrived at the Mississippi River Campground and Boat Launch where I would camp. Here I was swarmed by literally clouds of mosquitos; I’ve never, ever seen anything like this. Dozens would be on me if I stopped moving and all I could do was setup and hide in the tent.

a jagged flash of light,
distant rumbles —
the whish of rain in the grass

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