Journey to the East: 24 June 2012


Sunset at Hungryman Lake

the sky at sunset
a cup of sake
would taste so good!

Hungryman stalks the White Earth
It was a hot humid ride with a headwind most of the day. Tiring. But after some initial farmland the route wended between the White Earth Reservation and the Tamarac Wildlife Refuge which was filled with lakes and wildlife. I pulled off once for a break and on the little side road there was throngs of butterflies flying away as I passed. After leaving this region it was farmland again for a spell before retuing into more wooded areas. I camped at Hungryman State Park on Hungryman Lake and after all of the strum und drang of the last couple of nights I really enjoyed the quiet, with only frogs and birds making noise throughout the night.

Woken in the night
by flashing lights —

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