Journey to the East: 21 June 2012


Fields and clouds


The trees know
stars to be sources

Like the sun,
of their life;

But many and tiny
sprinkled through the dark

where has the sun gone–

-Gary Snyder

Today’s was a pleasant and rather quick ride. A quite strong wind on this day, but as it was going my way, well more than welcome. These last few days must have been tough for the westbound tourons. The road was always ruler straight for the entire way with one (1) very short jog and a dip into the James River valley. Otherwise it was dead east for fifty miles. At fifty miles there was a sign noting the road closed 6 miles ahead. As the campground I was shooting for was 5 miles ahead this was a bit concerning. Luckily there was a convenience store right at the intersection and I inquired there about the road. Turns out. Bridges out but there is a dirt road, primitive bridge out can cross. Good deal. So I rode the last few miles to Little Yellowstone Park which was on the Sheyenne River and was wooded and had a steam running through it. Newrly empty I set up by the stream which was fortuitous as the water was off. A bit after I arrived the second group of west bound riders I’ve encountered this trip appeared and we split the campsite. These guys were serious mileage riders often doing centuries or more. It was good to hear their experiences, but at their pace I doubt I’ll be seeing them again.

On the Road

Dragonfly on the road
hovers up, darts toward me
flits away

Frog on the road
waiting like the Buddha
to meet someone to kill him

Snake on the road
warming itself and dreaming
of an ancient past

Grasshopper on the road
hops away at my approach
flowering weeds

Bear bounds across the road
as if persued by a bear

A deer meanders across the road
as if crossing a forest meadow

Butterfly on the road
takes off, darts one way, the the other –
crazy wind

2 thoughts on “Journey to the East: 21 June 2012”

  1. Robert,

    I followed your tour last year. Very inspiring.

    I started following this tour a month ago or so. It’s part of my early-morning line up.

    My time is pretty limited for longish tours, but your blog has inspired me to do 100K day tours in the Seattle area. My goal by the end of summer is to ride from Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls!

    Happy trails, man.
    Steve (a fellow Atlantis rider)

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