Journey to the East: 19 June 2012



from The Late Snow & Lumber Strike of the Sumer of Fifty-Four
Climbing the steep ridge below Shuksan
clumps of pine
float out of the fog
No place to think or work
-Gary Snyder

Blowin’ in the wind
Back on the road with thunderstorms predicted and as per the pattern the wind had reversed. It was sort of harder to tel with todays route which wended all around including a good stint to the south which meant it was almost a tailwind (the wind coming from the NE). There was a pretty good climb out from Bismarck and then the typical rolling hills through farmland routines co tinted. More stands of trees though which would help block the wind. The storm threatened all day but never broke, at least over my path. But I rode on dark clouds most of the day. The campgrounds are really sparse between Bismarck and Fargo so you kind of have to take them when they show up. Thus today wasn’t a very long ride. I made it to the tiny town of Hazelton a bit after three and setup in the City Park.

purple and white
morning glories along the way —
dreaming of the ocean
darker grey clouds
blown across lighter grey clouds –
nearly summer

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