Journey to the East: 18 June 2012



Stealing fire
Took a much needed day off in the capitol city of North Dakota, Bismarck. Did the usual off day biz but also went and saw a movie: the new Ridley Scott picture, Prometheus. Short review – decent bit of fairly “hard SF” but it’s kinda sloppy and overstuffed and is definitely no Alien.

Also I did upload another five days or so of pictures to my Tour 2012 Flickr set.

almost at the equator
almost at the equinox
exactly at midnight
from a ship
the full
in the center of the sky
– Gary Snyder

2 thoughts on “Journey to the East: 18 June 2012”

    1. Yeah I don’t see this being your kinda movie at all. But it was very well done, visually and design wise. Certainly a better movie then the Avengers will but,must to each their own.

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