Journey to the East: 16 June 2012



through the raindrops…
spring butterfly
this world–
the butterfly also toils

That’s not too bad
I think I’ve got this figure out: the wind is predominately out of the west generally with a northerly or southerly bent which often switches mid-afternoon. When the wind shifts to being out of the east that means a storm is on its way. After the storm the wind returns to normal. Which means that today was a solid tailwind with a northerly bent. The terrain has returned to rolling plains, almost all pastureland with the occasional section of scrubland. There is clearly more moisture here than the high plains of Montana, as there are still the occasional tree. The flat land and the tailwind made for a pretty quick days ride and I made it to the Glen Ullin Memorial Campground by four in the afternoon. However I’d crossed another timezone (the second) so it was now five pm.

undulating grass
blue sky lightly blurred white
spring becomes summer

dragonfly hovers in the wind
darts away —
how I long to follow

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