Journey to the East: 14 June 2012


Hellooooo North Dakota

All day long, today
I have walked in the wind.

I thought I was going to be in Montana forever
I entered Montana on the afternoon of May 28th and left it in the afternoon of June 14th. 18 days in the state and nearly a thousand miles of riding. This was one of my long days but I was propelled by perhaps the strongest tailwind to date. At least the gusts were the strongest – they nearly blew my rent down in the morning. Also was on the interstate for the first time in a long time, a recent change to the route brought on by the irresponsible actions from the fracking bubble. The rocky hills continued from Monatana, interspersed with valley lands. The hills became more plateau like as I entered North Dakota like smaller version of Devils Tower in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (which is in Wyoming). Took a great side road through fields and then canyon lands most of the way in ND almost all the way to Medora. This tiny little town is like Winthrop WA – an old west town with a lot of the old buildings preserved. Also like Winthrop most of these shops sell knick-knacks or are ice cream parlors. I rode a couple miles out of town to Sully State Park which also is the trailhead for the nearly 100 mile long Maah Daah Hey mountain biking trail. Good to be in a state park again and I was able to camp among trees away from the wind.

Finally the wind quiets down;
the birds songs are more present

4 thoughts on “Journey to the East: 14 June 2012”

  1. …like smaller versionsDevils Tower in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (which is in South Dakota).

    But Devil’s Tower is in Wyoming! (So sayeth the Wikipedia article you linked to.)

    Anyways, it’s always a great accomplishment to move to another state. I think we spent about the same amount of time you did in Montana, but did not do 1,000 miles through it.

    1. Ah so much for memory – thanks for th correction; updated.

      Montana’s a wide state and the route is kind of an upside down U through, it so it’s really got the miles. Of course the ACA being based in MT might have something to do with it…

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