Journey to the East: 13 June 2012



The beauty of the sunset
grieves not for old age

So the route turned back east today which was a relief as it put the wind behind me. That and it being overcast most of the day made for much more pleasant riding than the day before. The terrain was about the same though – rolling hills trending upwards. Then fissures began to appear and s rocky wall like outcropping was clearly what we were limping toward. A nice bit of variance in the scenery and after climbing those rocks it was flat or downhill all the way to Glendive. It had cleared up by niw and was pretty warm if not as hot as yesterday.I made it to town pretty early so I spent some time at coffee houses, beer halls and grocery stores. Then I rode the couple miles out of town to Makoshika State Park. Now this was some nice camping – out amidst these canyon rocks, almost like being in the southwest. Apparently many fossils had been found there and it had the worn aspect of a park that’d been around for a long time. This was the first time this tour in a Montana State Park, perhaps because they are quite pricey for out of staters. The only downside was there was no water in the campground itself, I had to ride a mile and a half to get some.


Naturally carved canyon walls


Magic hour in the park

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