Journey to the East: 12 June 2012


Endless fields

I can’t do anything;
my life of contradictions
blown by the wind

Unlucky 13S or heat, hills and headwinds
Today we bid farewell to the “Hi-Line” and turn south. While the day had dawned sunny, calm and with nary a cloud in the sky, this was not to last. As I left Wolf Point and turned south on Hwy 13 the winds picked up and as has been the trend they were coming out of the south east. So a cross/headwind for most of the ride. And it was hot and humid too. Clouds began to drift in, these solitary cotton ball clouds that I took to refer to as “erratics” after the solitary stones that the glaciers left behind on these high plans after the lat ice age. The only relief from the sun was when one of the erratics would momentarily block it. The road crossed the Missouri River and then climbed out of the river valley. From then on for about forty miles it was rolling hills, with a trend toward gaining a bit of altitude. The combination of all of these factors made it a pretty tough riding day. The scenery was almost all farmland- massive farms with a small industrial area surrounded by vast fields. I have rarely been so happy to arrive somewhere as when I made it to the tiny town of Circle. Alas it was sort of an epic quest to find the one campground, but eventually I did and called it a night.

An erratic cloud
swallows the quarter moon —
late spring wind

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