Journey to the East: 11 June 2012


Wet land

My heart
is happy
on a spring day
when I see the birds
flocking together, playing.

Subtle shifts
The high plains are a thing of beauty, but it’s a subtle beauty: slight variances in heights, shades of green, tend and brown, shifting shadows. Today, mostly sunny and with a steady tailwind I quickly moved across these plains. Things began to slowly change today: the grassland was wetter, with standing water and little lakes with irrigation leading to crops other than grass for hay and trees began to appear. Trees! Here’s what I wrote as I first entered the high plains outside of East Glacier:

Plains as far as the eye can see —
no trees only windmills

I didn’t see many more wind farms after that day though. I dig deserts and rolling plains but I can’t deny I miss the trees. The route today shifted off Hwy 2 for a couple dozen miles which was a nice break and put one right among these trees. I’d lingered long in Glasgow and thus even with this easy days riding made it to Wolf Point around five in the afternoon. Shortly after I arrived the wind blessedly died down. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been out of the wind.

The croaking frogs,
as I pass flooded grassland,
grows to a roar

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