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I would ride 10,000 miles

9999.9So while on the trek described in the previous post, I rolled my odometer on the Atlantis to 10,000 miles. Sure some people ride that every year (or more) but its taken me around 2.5 years to hit that goal.  My Atlantis is all grown up now.  Also seems to have hit some sort of limit on the various mid-range components. Lots of stuff seems to be getting worn at about this point. I’ll probably want to give the bicycle a pretty good overhaul in the near future.

This event occurred around mile 110 of 114 on my RSVP ride. I was almost at the finish but still had to get these shots. Expect a full report on that ride including the exciting 10k event shortly.  I’m crazy busy with work right now and just havn’t found time to sort photos and write reports. But it will happen.


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