Journey to the East: 10 June 2012


Twilight in Glasgow

Wind blows dark clouds across the lake —
and birds are singing

A difference of direction
The day began sunny and windy but over the reservoir was a line of black clouds rolling in by the time I’d broken camp it was completely overcast and I was in the strongest wind yet. It was a horrible headwind until I got to the 2 and then it was the most amazing tailwind for probably close to 30 miles. Nice riding through the barren rangeland. But then the road began to snake around, often bending southerly making they tailwind into a vicious crosswind, even a headwind. The last 25 miles of the day were much more of a slog and the rolling hills didn’t help much. Still made it to Glasgow (home of the Scotties) around 3:30 and as I was setting up at an Hotel/RV Park/campground it began to pour rain. I waited it out in the hotel lounge and when it had finally stopped and i returned to the campground I found those two fellow tourons (the boys from Texas) setting up. Third time we’ve ended up at the same campground, sort of how it was on the Pacific Coast.

Only the blowing wind and rustling grass —
suddenly crickets!

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