Journey to the East: 9 June 2012


Sunset over the reservoir

I’m on travel;
Until my monk’s robe dries up,
Wind comes from the weeds.

Blowin’ in the wind
Things continue apace – a strong tailwind continues and the high plains roll on. Really not much between Harlem and the town of Malta. Rolling hills, wind behind, though sometimes more of a crosswind as the road bends, trains go by on the every present tracks. With the wind and nowhere to stop I made it to Malta by 2pm. There was a car show going on there with closed streets around the city park. After a short stint in a coffee shop I decided I wasn’t feeling Malta and pressed on. About 20 miles up the road was the Nelson Reservoir Recreation Area and I decided that would be tonight’s destination.. I was longing to get back to camping more in the outdoors than the RV Parks and city parks I’ve been staying at of late.. I was with the wind all the way and I felt renewed after my short stint in Malta. Ended up being the longest ride so far for this tour but I was happy to be on the edge of the Reservoir watching the birds (including pelicans!) and the setting sun.

Blowing wind,
rustling grass —
suddenly crickets!

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  1. From my experience, I would guess it’s hard to find a more naturalistic camping setting in those parts. When we crossed the Canadian Praries to the north, most of the camping were in municipal campgrounds which ran the gamut from okay to meh. But most of them were more open grassy spots rather than the wooded sites we are used to in the Northwest.

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