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RSVP and Back Again: setting off

RSVP LogoSo the day has come, my big cycling event for this year: Cascade Cycling Clubs RSVP ride.  Packing I’d guess 275 miles of riding into four days, in between about the busiest I’ve been at work in a long time. Tired yes, but I feel pretty good cycling wise. My rides of late really have not taken the toll on me they would have earlier in the year. My conditioning is up but also I’ve gotten better at balancing the calories, liquids and other things one needs in a ride.  So this will be a nice test, though not quite up there with a long tour. A bit more mileage on the first couple of days then I tend to do on tour, but no load to speak of on the bicycle besides myself.

The weather has been ideal cycling weather of late, temps rarely climbing above 80, nice mix of clouds and sun, little rain. But just as this ride begins things take a turn toward the warm.  It is projected to be in the low 90s today and a tad cooler tomorrow.  These of course are the days where the bulk of this trips riding will be done. Luckily the highs aren’t quite as high the further north you go. So leaving Seattle around 7am it’ll be comfortable and then hopefully by the heat of the day one is nearer to Bellingham where the high is a good 8 degrees less.  Saturday is supposed to be a few degrees cooler on average and again it is a bit lower projected for Bellingham.  Hope that all works anyway, long distances in the heat takes it toll. Guess I don’t have to worry so much about the rain gear though.

Time to go and damn its early – as I’ve said before this is why I rarely do these events. Lack of sleep sure doesn’t help for long rides, but I’ll abide.  Anyway I’m off, expect reports on my return.

The four day plan

day 1:
“¢ Bus and ride to Warren G. Magnuson Park
“¢ RSVP Day 1

day 2:

“¢ RSVP Day 2
“¢ Party in Vancouver!

day 3
“¢ Downtown Vancouver to Tsawwassen Ferry landing
“¢ Ferry to Sidney
“¢ Sidney to Victoria via Lochside trail

day 4
“¢ Hang in Victoria
“¢ Victoria Clipper to Seattle
“¢ Seattle to Kirkland This is pretty much straight up from the pier through town to the I-90 trail and then the Lake Washington Loop route to downtown Kirkland and home.

My Atlantis for the ride. So early I had to use the flash!

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