Journey to the East: 8 June 2012


Storm in the distance

Those clouds threw a rain shower;
I’m wet through.


Riding in the storm
Leaving Havre the wind had completed it rotation around and was now a vicious headwind. The road climbed a bit out of town and then settled down as it began to follow the Milk River. Behind me was this obvious thunderhead and I was racing to escape it. Well it caught up with me and for the second time this tour I was riding in thunder and lightning. Then the rain. It got harder; became hail. I could see sunlight ahead but I was just not outpacing the storm. Finally the rain slackened, then stopped. At this point I was near the town of Chinook so I stopped there for lunch and to dry out. The rain began again just as I parked my bicycle and went into a bakery. After lunch, as I was going to leave the power went out. The ride from this point on was completely the opposite – the sun was out, it became hot and there was now a tailwind. I could see the storm receding to the northeast. I ended up staying in the tiny town of Harlem at the city park.

Oh I almost forgot a couple days ago I uploaded a bunch more pics, including the 5 pass series in Washington: Tour 2012 photos set.

Head back, gazing into pure blue sky —
a glimpse of emptiness.

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