Journey to the East: 7 June 2012


The Road

For a hollow mind two eyes are open
-Hōsai Ozaki

Burnt by the road
The day dawned cloudless with pure blue sky and warming fast. The tailwind I had enjoyed the day before was still going strong but shifted to become more of a crosswind. Not as enjoyable. The scenery was the same for the most part though there was a series of long rolling hills at one point. There were these tiny towns that seemed to have sprung up around the grain silos every so many miles along the railroad. Fields of grain and tiny farms as far as the eye can see. At one point the road was as straight as a plumb line for twenty some miles. Reaching the town of Havre late afternoon I has time to do laundry before heading up to the Great Northern Fair campground for the night.

The road itself
has been burnt into my mind –
I still see it with closed eyes.

4 thoughts on “Journey to the East: 7 June 2012”

  1. It’s really interesting to think that even though us “city folk” consider areas like this in Eastern Montana to be nowhere. But the Northern Tier uses US 2 which parallels the old Great Northern/current BNSF “Hi-Line” route. And because of the railroad you do have towns every so often. If you got off that route, however, you’d really experience nothing!

  2. Empty roads, take me home to the place I belong, empty roads, take me home! Hey Rob, you can whistle a little John Denver as you ride. I did change it up a bit because the picture of the road looks so empty.

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