Journey to the East: 6 June 2012


The high plains

A floating weed with a tiny flower blooming in the wind

-Hōsai Ozaki

High plains drifting
So toward sunset a massive thunderstorm began. Crazy strong wind, regular lightening and then rain; becoming torrential rain. I hung out in the RV Park rec room listening to the wind howl and the thunder, until finally retiring around midnight as the storm still raged. The thunder finally stopped about a half hour later and not long after that the rains slackened then stopped. When I awoke the wind was still present, if anything it was stronger. But this was a tailwind and I have to say the riding this day was excellent. Sun with scattered clouds and this tailwind all day. With services few and far between on these vast rolling plains it’s good to be able to eat up distance. When I stopped for lunch I ran into C_ and  J_ , a pair of fellow tourons who were heading toward North Carolina. The first tourons I’ve run into heading east so far. They ended up camping at the city park in Chester as well arriving a an hour or so after I did. We went out for beers and talked touring into the night. Nice to run into some fellow travelers.

Blown along this thread
across the continent
like a seed in the wind.

Hovering clouds casting shadows
over the endless plains —
where can mind be found?

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