Journey to the East: 5 June 2012


Mountains receding 

The wind blows hard among the pines
toward the beginning
of an endless past.
Listen: you’ve heard everything.
-Shinkichi Takahashi

In which I leave the mountains behind
Nicest morning in a long time with warm sun and a light breeze heading my way. I made good time to Browning, which is the largest town on the Blackfeet Reservation. From there however the wind turned and I fought a very strong headwind for the rest of the day. The landscape has completely changed now from the mountains that I’ve been in for the last month to high plains. Mile by my the Rockys receded and the endless, nearly flat plains were all I could see. And will see for many days. Camping too is now widely spread out and you have to stop when the opportuni arises. So I camped at Riverview RV Park in Cut Bank.

Butterflies crazy flight
in blowing wind; catches up to me

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