Tour 2010: On the road

Tour 2010 day 1 - Atlantis

Tour 2010 begins now! This year I’m heading to the Great White North, on a route of my own devising and will be exploring the Cascade Foothills in Washington State then onto British Columbia in Canada where I’ll ride the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island. I’ve worked out routes that put me on new roads and will let me most see new places than I have on my other trips up north.

Once again I’m going to try to blog the trip though I don’t have quite the setup that I had last year. Those who have read my Tour 2009 posts may recall that I had setup an integrated battery charging system using my bicycles generator hub. Well that system worked, though it took about two days of riding to charge four double A batteries which could give my iPhone 3GS about a 3/4 charge. However the Ride and charge unit did not work as advertised: it would not switch to the headlamp when the Ixon IQ+ was unplugged. This didn’t really come up until the final day of the tour when I was riding home at night from the Seattle Amtrak station. So its 11pm at night and I discover that it won’t run my headlight and that the Ixon IQ+ itself wasn’t working as a light. I pretty much ripped the wires our of the Ride and Charge and twisted them together for my ride home. This year I won’t be using that system…

Tour 2010 day 1 - hobo bag

Most everything else I’m using this year remains the same, so if equipment lists are of interest, check out my tour 2009 packing list. There are of course a few changes here and there, but they aren’t really that big of deal. As I mentioned in my Atlantis repair post a couple of days ago, I’ve been waiting for my Hobo Bag to get its zipper replaced and I’m happy to report that I picked it up yesterday and it is better then new: they put in a metal zipper as opposed to the original plastic. I’m pretty happy about that as I inquired if they could replace it with a metal one and they said they didn’t have one. But when I picked it up they said they had a few and that this bag cried out for one. I fully agree. So a big thumbs up for Rainy Pass, I wholeheartedly endorse them.

Anyway enough preamble, I’m on the road in just a couple of minutes. Keep an eye on this blog for further updates as I can and power willing. I’m going to try to do a daily post but it may be a bit less journal like than last year. I’d like to post a more coherent narrative when I get back, so I’m planning to do quick updates here and keep a more thorough journal from which I can write that.

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