Summer Safari

Summer Safari 2010My Novara Safari at Mill Creek Earthworks Park

Its been a strange year cycling wise for me, with less recreational riding than normal. Part of the reason for this was the discovery in early June that the rim on my Atlantis was severely cracked and would need to be replaced. I’ve written before on these pages about my wheel woes so I won’t go too much into it in this post. Suffice it to say that since my original wheel from Rivendell I’ve had rather poor luck with wheels. So I decided at this point to have Riv build me my next wheel. In the interim I was riding the Safari, which needed a bit of tooling up itself.  I mounted a new rear tire, a Schwalbe Marathon, I put on my new Brooks saddle I’d recently gotten for the Atlantis (now that’s a story; but I’ll tell it later) and did a sort of low key tuneup (could use some new brake pads still…).  I kept up with my commuting, but my rec rides diminished. Primarily this is due to the fact that the Safari, while a nice ride for what it is, just doesn’t fit me as well as the Atlantis and longer rides just aren’t as comfortable.  However after a week or so, Riv emailed me that my wheel wouldn’t be built until July 15th – a month after I’d placed my order! I think their wheelbuilder was on vacation, which could happen any time you go to a one man operation, so I had no choice but to wait if I wanted a wheel from him. Which I did, desiring the quality of that previous wheel. So I was going to either spend a chunk of the summer riding the Safari or not at all.  Well it was a bit of the not at all (beyond commuting of course, which I religiously kept up), or rather just not so much in the longer rides.  However I am planning to tour again this summer (in just a few weeks now) and I needed to start increasing my endurance.  So in the last couple of weeks the riding has gone up. I don’t have a computer on the Safari so I don’t know how many miles I’ve racked up on it but its gotten pretty high now.  My wheel from Riv shipped yesterday so I should be back on the Atlantis for the later part of the summer. But so far its been a Safari Summer .

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