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Goodbye old paint

Last photo of my 1991 Honda Civic

Today I sold my 1991 Honda Civic and have finally gone car free. I bought this car in 1999 when I was commuting from Olympia to Seattle in a 1969 VW Bug.  It served me well for that commute (which fortunately would only last another few months) and then when I first moved to the “greater” Seattle area (read the Eastside for those of you in the know).  That long commute hammered home to me the wisdom of living within 5 miles from where you work and from that point on I did  (hence living in the cultural bereft Eastside).  I moved most of my stuff four times with this car, took trips to Montana, Oregon, British Columbia and of course all over Washington. But the rare longer trip notwithstanding I began to ride as much as I could: first to work, then for recreation and finally for my vacations.  For the last five years or so I’ve driven less than 5000 miles a year (much less the last couple of years).

One of the photos that sold my Civic

I’d long wanted to go car free but living on the Eastside made it much harder, especially as I enjoy live music so much.  My last year on the Eastside I began working out the bus routes into the city and this again dramatically reduced my driving.  I hadn’t driven at all for something like four months when I began the process of downsizing and then on getting laid off putting all my stuff in storage. This was going to be it for the car and on moving into the city I almost stopped driving it (not wanting to lose your parking spot will do that to you). I vowed to get rid of it as soon as I’d finally finished dealing with the remaining stuff in storage. That took longer than I’d planned but I finally finished this weekend with the dropping off a final load at the thrift store.  I cleaned it up and put it on Craigslist, where I was immediately deluged with offers – I probably undervalued it. But it sold within a day to a good guy in a painless transaction. And my era of automobile ownership has come to an close.

If my possessions have come to be a burden, no greater burden has there been than my automobile.    This car served me well; it was really quite hassle free all things considered. I certainly won’t miss the insurance, the dependance on fossil fuels and the hassles of traffic and parking (especially in Seattle). I’m happy to be rid of the burden and satisfied enough with public transportation, walking and of course bicycling.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye old paint”

  1. Isn’t it nice when getting rid of stuff isn’t a hassle?

    I sold my Worksman Cycle Truck last week. It had become a bit of an albatross, and I wasn’t relishing doing Craigslist re-postings for months on end (which is what happened with a couple other bikes I’ve sold.) And the Cycle Truck being such a weird, unique beast, I thought this would be the scenario. I sold it to the first person who responded, for my asking price, in just over a day. This of course made me think that I low-balled the price!

  2. Yeah the quick and easy CL sales are where it’s at. The last bicycle I put on Craigslist, my Novara Safari, was similar to your experience – tons of offers, sold it within a day or so at full price. It also seemed pretty clear I undervalued it. So it goes.

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