Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring 2012 - 01


It’s been really nice of late and I’ve been more interested in riding than writing if you catch my meaning. However the weather has turned to pretty typical Pacific NW late winter/early spring – colder with persistent rain. Of course this doesn’t deter me from riding, but things do tend to be more utilitarian in these cases. However I have built up a backlog of photographs and reports that I’ll take advantage of these dreary days to put up.

Signs of Spring 2012 - 36


Signs of Spring 2012 - 21All things considered it has been a mild winter. Sure we had nearly a week of snow early January, but apart from that there has not been near the amount of rain an El Nino year typically portends. There have been a number of warmer days as well, with temperatures climbing into the sixties on several days in February and over the last couple of days here in March (no lousy Smarch weather this year!). I’ve been trying to ramp up my riding quicker this year, building up my endurance for longer and more consistent riding. On the days I don’t ride I almost always go out for walks in about a 2-3 mile radius of my place near the University District. From these perspectives I’ve seen the plants and trees began to wake up from their winter slumber; first the cherry trees and dogwoods, then bulbs began to come up, buds began to appear on certain trees and in the last week or so flowers blooming all over.


Signs of Spring 2012 - 28

Apart from this rambling into, this post is going to be more of a photo-essay documenting this annual wellspring of life and beauty. I’ve added a new set on Flickr, Signs of Spring 2012, which I’ll keep adding to (so keep an eye on it), and I’ll post a half dozen or so here.  I’ve  been experimenting more with macro-photography and these early flowers are a fantastic subject for that.  I hope you enjoy these photos and the signs for warmer rides yet to come.


Signs of Spring 2012 - 31

Aloof and silent
like the Buddha, I lie still–
still troubled by flowers

Signs of Spring 2012 - 15

Among blooming flowers
we continue our writhing–
all living beings

Signs of Spring 2012 - 23

From among the flowers,
indifferent to the world,
foxes bark and cry.

Signs of Spring 2012 - 02

The cherry blossom
are truly cherry blossoms
only while we wait

Again for a lot more photos, check out my Signs of Spring flickr set.

4 thoughts on “Signs of Spring”

  1. I hear ya. Haven’t been doing as much riding as I should due to weather/not having to commute. April and I did a 23 mile ride on Friday, at a faster pace than our “riding ’round town” ramblings and up a significant hill (Rocky Butte, one of PDX’s numerous cinder cones.) Even though it was only 23 miles, which would be a very short day during the Cross-Con Tour, we were wiped! I need to do more rides, though this week’s weather is not encouraging. Maybe some walks?

  2. Yeah the not having to commute really cuts down daily riding. I’ve had a weekly lunch meeting with friend that is a 30 mile round trip that I ride most weeks (in fact this week looking to be the first time in a while I’ll take the bus). That’s helped for this year. In fact I think I’ve been successful ramping up earlier then normal – doing 30-40 mile rides is pretty straight forward at this point and I’ve done a couple 60+ mile rides (though they wiped me out pretty good). These last few days though the weather has definitely kept me down. So walking it is.

    Oh also I read your report on your blog about that ride – the view from Rocky Butte was pretty sweet.

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