Tour 2012: Journey to the East

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“…I have always been drawn by windblown clouds into dreams of a lifetime of wandering.” -Bashō

Tour 2012 is currently underway. I moved out of my apartment in Seattle on April 30th and rode down to Hood Canal. I camped at Twanoh State Park in a beautiful hiker/biker/water trail site right on the water. The next day was down to Olympia using the route I’d ridden last year on a stereotypical spring day: windy, sunny, rainy even some hail. I’ve spent the last four days at a friends in Olympia and am now setting out for the tour proper.

My fully loaded Atlantis ready to roll.

I’m heading up the Olympic Peninsula to Neah Bay and then to the Northwestern most portion of Washington State.  From there I’ll begin my Journey to the East. First using routes that I’ve ridden in previous tours to get to Anacortes and then on the Adventure Cycling Associations Northern Tier route. This year for once I have few constraints and will not be forcing myself to continuously press on. I’m going to take more time, check out more stuff and depart from these routes as I find interesting alternatives. I’ll be wandering as far to the east as the mood strikes me with Glacier National Park the stage 2 destination.

“The true traveller is without a goal, it is the absence of goals which creates the ultimate traveller.” -Gao Xingjian

I mentioned in my tour wrap up post last year that that tour was going to be it for the blogging as I go. I’m going to hold to that as the issues I mentioned in the post are still the case. Blogging as you go becomes to much of a dominate factor as opposed to being in the moment and makes one too reliant on keepings ones technology charged and connected.  I will instead keep an old fashioned pen and paper journal. I will however put up the occasional post here as time and connection warrants but they’ll be more pictures with perhaps a few words. So definitely check in now and again if interested in my progress and look for a full write-up of the tour upon my return.

4 thoughts on “Tour 2012: Journey to the East”

  1. The adventure begins!

    I understand the blogging issues. Do what you can do, when and how you want to do it. (Though I will love to see your photos, whether here or on flickr.)

    And if the mood strikes you, you can put old fashioned pen to postcard, put a stamp on, and send me a postcard. You know where to find me.

    And since you’ll be going that way, I’d definitely recommend overnighting at the Bacon Bike Hostel outside of Colville, WA.

  2. I have been planning to do more postcards this year. If I get on that I’ll send one your way.

    I will upload some photos as I go and do the short blog posts as I can; as power, connection and inclination allow of course.

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