Tour 2009: day 20

Tour 2009 - day 20-1

An old burned out hippy at Anchor Bay told us we’d have one more really good day of riding before suburbia begins. That day was today and it was indeed an enjoyable day of riding. It followed what seems to be the typical NoCal pattern of fog in the morning, burning off in the afternoon and then rolling back in the evening. The riding has been pretty constant as well: on coastal bluffs through deep coves the force you to descend and climb. This morning the route was mostly a bit set back from the water and the land was all private and inaccessible. Expensive houses gave away to ranch land and the flora was almost desert scrub like. There was very few towns and the couple there were were just a convenience store and a gas station. Kind of odd only a hundred miles north of San Francisco. I stopped at one if these and got lunch which I ate at Fort Ross with C&C. I took a quick look at the fort which was a Russian outpost in the early 19th century but soon hit the road again.

Tour 2009 - day 20-5

From here the route took a more strenuous turn: steep and longer hills, descents with super sharp switchbacks and cattle grates across the road to keep wandering cattle from the surrounding ranches in line. I did indeed see some wandering cattle. The day had cleared up but as we did the big 500′ climb in this part it was rolling back in. There was a pretty great descent from this part on seriously twisty roads. This was followed by another shorter climb and then we were done with this bit.

Tour 2009 - day 20-9

Coming out of the hills below the fog the beach was now becoming mostly sand with just a scattering of forlorn rocks. The road ascending on top of the bluff again and now it was mostly easy riding on gentle rollers for the last ten miles or so. There were people playing on the sandy beaches and others with surfboards (though I didn’t actually see anyone surfing), a pretty big change in character from the severe rocky beaches seen up to this point.

Tour 2009 - day 20-14

Soon enough I was a Bodega Dunes State Park where I set up my tent in the sandy dunes. It’s pretty windy and cold here and pretty full with mostly a new group of tourons. I walked most of the way out to the ocean but it was far off across sandy dunes and quite windy.  So I gave up before actually reaching the water and trudged back to camp.That’s it for today, tomorrow is the last full day of riding; kind of hard to believe.

Miles ridden today: 47.84
Miles ridden to date: 1072.74

A few pictures from this day can be found here

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