Tour 2011 – Day 11


Tuesday 08.23.112: Preshastin to Ellensburg

Today I climbed the second pass of the tour and in light of this I again rose early to try to beat the heat. It was looking to be yet another hot day with blue skies with only traces of cloud.


97 was pretty easy going for the first 7 miles or so though iit was primarily uphill all that time. At that point I took Old Blewit Road which is winding, empty and in the trees most of the way. The roadway was deteriorated in parts, strewn with rocks and overgrown as well. But the trees blocked the sun most of the time and I never saw a car – it was like a bicycle trail over a pass. I did see prospector camps and a genuine old grizzled prospector who asked me if I was having fun yet.


Here high in the mountains,
the leaves have begun to turn;
down below summer holds fast.

Of course it still climbed a lot, continuously for 4 miles or so, but all in all I was happy to reach the pass at 4064 feet. From there it was an equally winding beaten down road for a 4 mile descent. This demanding a certain amount of caution but once it rejoined the 97 I was able to really let her fly.


After miles of descending there was an additional 2 mile climb at the top of which was a windmill farm. It was breezy now and hot as well. But after that climb it was downhill into the college town of Ellensburg.


The camping options were poor in the area and weary from the climb and heat I went for a motel for this night. This I had plenty of time to wander around the city. Eventfully I made my way to the Iron Horse Brewery and sampled their wares.


Miles ridden today: 44.7
Miles ridden to date: 545.7

Some pictures from the tour

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