Tour 2009: day 15

Tour 2009 - day 15-4

I had expected to be woken by the sun again so had handwashed some clothes and hung them on a line so the sun would dry them.  So of course it was overcast, foggy and clammy this morning. Today was a pretty short day of riding so I didn’t rush anything and was ready to go by around 9am. At this point the sun was out and I was overdressed so I removed some layers and headed out.

Tour 2009 - day 15-1

I took a gravel bicycle trail out of the camp this time which went through some Redwoods – a nice farewell to this valley. Back on the highway there was a bit of a headwind but as the road was mostly downhill for the the first five miles this was not problem. Hitting Orick I stopped to once again to use the WiFi from the cafe that had spurned me yesterday, before resuming my travels. The road went up a bit as it returned to the coast and the fog was back. I was now a bit under-dressed but I figured it’d burn off and pushed through.

Tour 2009 - day 15-3

The road was mostly uneventful on this day with only a couple of scenic stops. The first of these I skipped due to the thick fog obscuring the views. There was a really nice section if road that rolled and curved through trees and coastline before emptying out into a big lagoon. After that though the 101 became a real highway with entrance and exit ramps that had to be negotiated. I stopped at the little town of Trinidad to get groceries and have lunch at the second of the scenic spots, a lighthouse overlooking a harbor. The sun was coming out now, the fog burning away reveling a beautiful view of a rock strewn harbor filled with boats. I had a nice lunch there and then returned to the road.

Tour 2009 - day 15-6

101 was a 4 lane highway at thus point and I just rode through it. There was one short frontage road the route took which was a nice stretch off 101. Right as I was about to get back on the hwy I ran into the beerhounds just exiting. They were heading into McKinleyville to visit the Six Rivers Brewery and needing to kill some time I went with them. Their route showed a bike path into town which mine did not so we rode on that for a time. It was partially paved becoming gravel at it’s one point of climbing (of course). After the trail we rode city streets to the brewery. There we all had IPA and porter and they had a late lunch. The beer was good if nothing remarkable, made better by riding in the now hot sun. This was good times talking beer, touring and travel in general. They are riding well past my stopping point tonight, which is too bad, they’ve been great occasional companions.

Tour 2009 - day 15-9

Tour 2009: day 15After that I rode with them on the 101 (they set a wicked pace) until the KOA where I was staying. We made our farewells and it was to camp for me. This us the only non-park camp on the route and the first time in all my years of camping I’ve stayed at one and it is pretty bizarre. More like a big cut-rate resort than camping; the gated community of camp… err sorry kampgrounds. But they had a seperated bicycle camping area, showers and I was able to do laundry here, so for one night, it’s okay.

Miles ridden today: 45.6
Miles ridden to date: 801.65

A few pictures from this day can be found here

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