Tour 2011 – Day 9


Sunday 08.21.11: Carlton to Lake Chelan State park

I got up early to try to get the bulk of the riding done in the cooler morning. The ride down the last section of the Methow Valley thus began a bit chilly but warmed up ad I ride along. Very dry valley walls with the now quite active river merrily rushing along. Low traffic as well on a Sunday morning, this was all in all a nice bit of riding.


The striations of the grasshopper marking time to summers end

I took a break in the small berg of Pateros at the Sweetriver Bakery. This is the secret to a nice days touring; ride for a couple of hours then take an hour off. Do this two of three times and the day is done. Spend the off hour in s bakery or brewpub if you can.


Back on the trail now on the road to Chelan. It wad getting hotter now and at the top of a modest climb was Wells Dam where I stopped to apply sunscreen and fill a waterbottle. Coming out of the bathroom I found that some clouds had rolled in blocking the sun a bit but increasing the humidity. I was riding next to lakes now and the land was either irrigated farms or dry brown scrub. The road branched toward Chelan and after a 2+ mile climb I descended and was there.

Chelan had always been a tourist town but it has really expanded since I was last here. Super busy too; it’s an intersection of roads on a major recreational lake on a hot Sunday in August and there was an Arts Fair on the Riverfront walk. I had lunch and Walked around a bit but the humidity, general tiredness and the crowds soured me on the tourist scene. So I hit the grocery store and rode off.


I reached Lake Chelan State Park to find it crazy full, people camped everywhere. They had a sign out claiming that they were full. I was able to get a hiker/biker site, though, but it seems to be just camping in a random field. This area as well as all of the park is packed with day visitors as well so I killed time waiting for the crowds to thin before setting up.


Went on walk on Little Bear trail and saw an owl soar through the woods and later got as close to a deer as I’ve ever been. On returning the herd of humans was finally beginning to break up so I made dinner and set up. It’s a loud and active campground, quite the change from the isolated spots I’ve been in the last few days.

Miles ridden today: 55
Miles ridden to date: 432.1

Some pictures from the tour

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