Tour 2009: day 14

Tour 2009 - day 14-5

Today was my second rest day, this one in the Redwoods. In the tradition of the rest day I’ll be briefer then normal. However, I will upload more pictures then normal as I took a lot and it is difficult to write about looking at trees.

Tour 2009 - day 14-0

I relaxed in the tent but was driven out by the sun shining brightly and hot through the tent forcing me to get up before 8am. A number of my fellow tourons were continuing so about 4 that I’d shared campsites with for many days would now be a day ahead. Thus included the young couple, J__ and the LHT man, the beerhounds had been lost the day before (they would come in later thus evening having been delayed by mechanicals).

Tour 2009 - day 14-2

Once again I did have to ride a bit to resupply as there was no food for sale in the park. I took advantage of my mostly unloaded bags to ride up to Ladybird Johnson Grove. This was sort of a mistake: it was an unbelievable climb up, constantly up, no flat sections at all and steep for 2.3 miles. Tough. At the top there was a parking lot and this is a pretty famous locale so there were lots of people on the 1 mile scenic trail. I spent most of it stuck in between a family of surly teens with their 50s sitcom harassed father and another family of constantly running toddlers and occasionally screaming baby. Still the trees were magnificent, see the pictures. With the climb I can’t say I’d recommend this side trip. The descent was nuts though I have to say, but too twisty for me to really open it up.

Tour 2009 - day 14-3

Next it was Into Orick, where I decided to stop for lunch at the Palm Cafe. But I sat in there for 45 minutes and they basically wouldn’t serve me so after using their WiFi I went to the store and bought enough food for lunch and dinner. I rode back with a nice tail wind and had a nice lunch in camp. Then it was off for more hiking in the Redwoods. I started from a little interpretive trail in camp and moved on to the Prairie Creek Trail which was flat and easy and constantly by the babbling creek. Several miles later I crossed the road a bit above Big Tree which had the usual crowds. I took the hillier and rougher Cathedral trail back to the campground. The trees and the forest are stunning and diverse in their textures, colors and conditions. Again see the pictures my feeble words can’t do them justice. And really keep an eye out for when I post my real pictures as opposed to these cameraphone ones.

Tour 2009 - day 14-17

After that it was just some prep for being back on the road. Dinner and a bit more walking around before I retire.

Miles ridden today: 18.9m
Miles ridden to date: 755.97

A few pictures from this day can be found here

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