Tour 2011 – Day 8


Saturday 08.20.12: Early Winters Campground to Carlton

I spent a bunch of time in three little towns today, which made for a shorter day riding but an easy day after the tougher one the day before. First was Mazama at the Country Store to charge my phone and have a second breakfast.

From there it was on backroads as much as the Adventure Cycling Association can manage (of which I approve). In between Mazama and Winthrop is a bicyclist only campground which had that fellow picture above at the entrance.


Grasshopper on the road,
in my path –

The terrain is all dry scrubland now, with the only trees and greenery lining the rivers. The sun bests down but it’s nice in the morning, I must try to ride a bit more at this time of day.


The next town I encounter is Winthrop – an old western town with wooden sidewalks and some of the old buildings. It is of course it’s all tourist shops now, filled with t-shirts, cowboy hats and soda fountains.


But there is the Old Schoolhouse brewpub where I stopped for lunch and a couple of pints. I was looking for a laundrymat and while Winthrop used to have one it doesn’t anymore. So it was on to Twisp where were there is a large and very nice laundry with showers and everything. This took some time but I was happy to have everything washed. I also went to the store next door to resupply during the laundry process.

It was hot now, over 90 degrees and the road was dusty and gentle rolling along the Methow River. It was a bit of a quandary where to stay tonight as there were three places along the valley all with no services. Well the last one had services but at 27 miles was too far for thus day (I mean I could have made it but it’d have been no fun, and that’s not why I do this). These places were all commercial RV sites as well – never my favorite.


I passed the one on Carlton first and it was empty, shaded and had free WiFi – sold! A bit early but a shorter day after the mountain pass yesterday seemed like a smart idea anyway. Plus I need to pace my self so as to not arrive at Mt. Rainier in a weekend day.


I took a walk around Carlton after dinner and there is literally nothing left but a motel and this RV park and an associated former Roadhouse that is the Carlton Church (run by the RV Park owner). So it was the free WiFi for tonight’s activity.

Miles ridden today: 39.4
Miles ridden to date: 377

Some pictures from the tour

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