Tour 2009: day 13

Tour 2009: day 13

I awoke to mist, cool air and the incessant, though congenial, chatter from the transient lady a couple sites over. It was going to be a long day so I got myself going in short order. I made a quick stop at the Fred Meyers for batteries so my blinkies would be maximal for all this fog and then headed out of town. Once across the bridge I opted for the official OR route as opposed to the Kirkendall & Spring and ended up down by the harbor. There was a bit of a climb out but  the route was through farmland, near bluffs and quite flat. The K&S for this stretch was on the 101 so I think I made the right choice. After a mere 9 miles or so I returned to 102 and I was in California.

Tour 2009 - day 13-1


I was waved through the fruit check and quickly turned off the highway for ten miles or so in thick fog in rolling countryside. Nice riding, if a bit clammy. Crossing the 101 the route wended through farmland for a good stretch, then more wooded stretches. The fog was burning away and it warmed up a bit. The route continued like this pretty much to the edge of Crescent City . But before entering the city the route skirted the commercial areas and took one last look at the coast for a bit; a stunningly scenic area, Pebble Beach, with sea stacks and tons of broken rocks all sticking up out if the fog. Then it was through residential areas and into the city. I had lunch in Crescent City at the “Pizza King”. I passed on pizza having had it last night but had salad and ravioli with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The Tour de France was turned on while I was there and I watched a bit of it. Then it was time for my own mountain stage and I headed out.

Tour 2009 - day 13-7

The road was flat along the beach for a while and just as it was about to climb I encountered road work and a flagger holding up traffic. He let me go in a blocked off lane and as they ran cars up and down the other lane I had it all to myself, which was nice as the climbing was crazy up Crescent City Hills. There was three peaks the highest at 1200′ the others nearly as high, there was a poor shoulder most of the time and with traffic it was no fun. It was through beautiful big trees and it was again sunny and warm now. There was more road work at the other end and as I was held up there J___ and the young couple from the last two camps caught up. After the flagger let the cars through we rode through and hit a big descent out of these hills. We seperated at this point and now it was back to typical 101 rolling hills for a few miles, to the next big climb.

Tour 2009 - day 13-9

First I crossed a bridge with golden bear statues at either end and then it was all uphill for two miles. This one was another slog and my energy was sapped after the previous hill and nearly 60 miles of riding already. It peaked and then descended and then finally left 101 for the final climb which was in the Redwoods Park and while long not so bad. This was followed by an amazing ~5 mile descent through the redwoods to the campsite. I had to force myself not to constantly stop during that descent, there was so much to see. I did stop a good few times and the trees are just awesome: huge and hoary with wild textures and massive canopies.

Tour 2009 - day 13-13

Anyway I pulled into Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park around 6:30 set up and walked around a bit. Even the close to camp trails feature stunning trees. Tomorrow is a rest day and I can’t wait to spend it in the Redwoods.

Miles ridden today: 69.7
Miles ridden to date: 737.36

A few pictures from this day can be found here

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  1. all very impressive, Robert, I’ve been following along as you go. this is something I couldn’t even come close to attempting myself, so kudos and stay safe.

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