Tour 2009: day 12

Tour 2009 - day 12-1

When I woke up around 7am it was already getting warm. It was clear blue skies and looking to be a hot day. Figuring that it was going to be a hot day I slathered on the sunblock and set off fairly early. The first few miles wound through a canyon followed by a bit of a climb back to the bluffs above the coast. The route was going to be along the coast all day today and the road was always going up or down. There was a good wind off the water and it was trending northwards so there was often a headwind. I ran into the couple from camp and we’d leapfrog for an hour or so. The views along the coast at this point were stunning: pure blue skies with a band of white fog at the horizon, and dancing waves crashing against white sands and the broken teeth of the seastacks. There was some construction on the road and we were stopped by a flagger and as we waited another rider from camp caught up. Released by the flagger we turned into a headwind to the coast. There was a rest stop on the coast and I pulled in to lube my chain which sounded like it was carrying the sahara. It had been lubed at the shop just the day before!

Tour 2009 - day 12-3

Running smoother I set off, once again rolling up and down hills right above the water. Things went on like this about twenty miles and then there was a descent and the crossing of a pretty big bridge with no shoulder. Not a big deal this time as there was little traffic as I crossed. I was now in the little town of Gold Beach. I has lunch here at the ‘Y’ Not Cafe which was thus hawaiian themed joint but with a seafod and sandwich sort of menu. I had a crab cake panani that was quite good and a still hit from the oven brownie that was great.

Tour 2009: day 12

Leaving Gold Beach there was now fog rolling in. And the road climbed, and climbed and climbed, over 700 feet of climbing as matter of fact. It was odd, as I climbed I’d be cold and clammy from the fog in my right side and hot and sweaty on my left where the sun was shining bright. The next stretch was supposed to be among the most scenic but what with the fog I could only catch glimpses of it. I had a fairly short day and was really intending to savor this last day in Oregon but the weather was not with me. I pulled over at every scenic overlook and it’d just be a wall of grey, maybe with some rocks outlined, or a glimpse of a driftwood strewn beach. So I ended up making good time through this part as well and ended up at camp at 4pm.

Tour 2009 - day 12-11

I set up and showered and then headed into the town of Brookings where I check out the options and ended up having dinner at Bella Italia Ristorante, a rather upscale place where I had a cheese pizza, a salad and (rather surprisingly) an Old Rasputin Stout (in bottles I should mention, if it’d be on tap, now that’d have been shocking). Back in camp I walked to the beach where it had finally cleared up and watched the sun descend into the fog bank. More fog was rolling in as I left. Back at my tent I made tea and listened to this transient couple a few campsites over completely go at each other over and over. Rather depressing.

Miles ridden today: 57.6
Miles ridden to date: 667.34

A few pictures from this day can be found here

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