Tour 2011 – Day 4


Tuesday 08.16.12: Anacortes WA to Rasar State Park

I should start off by saying that staying at the motel in Anacortes was not an unexpected outcome. This tour is the least destination driven I have done – I basically have some time and an ultimate goal, but beyond that I’m taking it as it comes. So I was always prepared to stay in Anacortes but if I’d had mire time I also could have continued on. It’s a nice way to go.


I ran some errands in town and then took the Tommy Thompson Trail out. This is a great rail trail I’ve ridden before that crosses the bay on a long trestle. It ends at March’s Point which is the location of two oil refineries but has a nice road around it that avoids some hills (and the hwy). About 3/4s the way around the road was closed with a detour up a hill. I risked it and rode through to find it impassable right near the end. So I rode back and took the detour which went up through the refinery and then down a steep hill right at the Trestle of the trail! I rode south and then took the next road which kept me on the edge of the 20. Finally it intersected March Pt road right near the roadwork. Sigh. Anyway I pressed on crossing the bridge and was on the 20 heading east to the mountains.


I rode the 20 to the little town of Sedro-Wooley and the jogged of it to the Skagit Highway. This road follows the river and was mostly bordered by trees on the other side. Lots of fisherman out, no services for the duration, luckily I was all set. Pretty great riding overall – flat, scenic, a tailwind and good temps.


The wind at my back,
the warm sun too,
the mountains slowly march closer.

My ass was sore(this is the price of the lack of riding this year – lower endurance) but I was riding fine until about 60 miles where I began to feel pretty tapped out. I reached Concrete about this time and rode down the main drag- only the bars had action, no stores. As I passed a junk shop the proprietor came round the corner and noticing one of mine he said he had a couple of blinkers in the shop. Talked bicycles and riding a bit – not a fan of mountain bikes as they are too slow. He was curious about my Atlantis, thought it was old of course, but in the end conceded it was a good bicycle – offered me $10 for it. I replied I was still using it. Any he told me there were no stores in town so I ended up riding back a bit to a gas station store and getting food for the night.


It seemed that the camping was before and after Concrete so I rode back about 7 miles on the 20 (into a headwind to add additional insult) to Raser State Park. I was definitely beat at this point and quite hungry as well. The h/b site seems new and is quite nice though no water directly at hand. No one else here again, I quickly set up and made dinner as it got dark.

Miles ridden today: 71.8m
Miles ridden to date: 224.1

Some pictures from the tour

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