Ramblings Tour2009

Tour 2009: Reflections

Since returning from the tour I’ve spent a decent amount of time thinking about it, especially when I’ve been out riding.  This tour was the longest one I’ve done to date in both time and miles and in many ways I considered it a sort of benchmark for future touring related activities.  When I did my first tour up in the San Juan and Gulf Islands around day 11 I recall becoming pretty despondent with…

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Vernal Equinox

At last it is spring. Not that today was much different then yesterday but lets face it – there is a level in which its all mental. The real big change as far as I’m concerned was the shift to daylight savings time a couple weeks back.  I commute year round and a certain percentage of my rides home are in the darkness. I’ve gone to great lengths to be able to ride comfortably and…

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Cyclotouring Ramblings

Thinking of touring

Touring is my favorite cycling activity but in all honesty one I rarely get to do.  It requires a pretty serious block of time and in this era of “increased productivity” time is in short supply.  Time must also be divided between one’s interests and while cycling and touring are a great love it is not my only love. Touring in many ways is a mindset and I work to cultivate that mindset in my…

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Bicycles Ramblings

Just one bicycle?

My Novara Safari on the way to work this morning. On the bicycle related mailing lists that I frequent the issue of owning “just one bicycle” comes up now and again. Amongst these enthusiasts it often is a hypothetical – “I currently own 15 bicycles and if I could only have one bicycle it would be x“. Not too much exaggeration in that example, there are plenty of people who collect bicycles. Of course there…

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