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The Seattle Improv Meeting, a group dedicated to exploring structured improvisation, met monthly from 2005-2008. Utilizing graphical, textural, Flash, verbal and other non-idiomatic scores we examine the intersection of composition and improvisation. A major focus has been Cornelius Cardew's epic graphic score Treatise which we have played a significant number of pages. Other experimental composers such as Christian Wolff and Earle Brown have also been regularly tackled. Most of our sessions are recorded primarily to track our development, and nearly all are available for download on the yearly meeting records and complete downloads page.

In the later years the meetings had an increased focus on applying some of the ideas that we had worked through into our own compositions. This led to a number of novel and fruitful areas: The use of flash for animated graphical scores that Andrew Woods' developed is a fruitful area that could be mined for further results, Eric Peacock's experimental videos allowed for a direct coupling of abstraction in sound and visual mediums, and Robert Kirkpatrick's symbolic scores, initially developed for this group evolved into a whole book of scores with a deep exploration of the symbolic score concept. This was published as The Book of Musical Patterns and can be downloaded from the Hollow Earth Recordings website along with a CD comprised of a selection of the Seattle Improv meetings recordings of these scores.

For the further activities of the members of the group explore the member pages linked below. Future action from this group is anticipated as we are able, results of which will be posted here. Thanks to all who gave our music a listen and thanks to all who participated in this group - its been an amazing run with a lot of great music and a lot of learning both in ideas and in group playing.

-Robert j Kirkpatrick, 12.21.08

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