The Book of Musical Patterns

No 36The Book of Musical Patterns is a collection of "symbolic" scores that explores the relationships between sound and silence, composition and improvisation and fixed versus indeterminate structures. Utilizing simple elements to indicate sound with most aspects left up to the performer it allows for infinite variety of sound as it explores mutable structures. The book itself contains fifty scores that work through numerous constraints, ideas and variations on these themes.

On these pages you can find recordings of a number of the scores by a variety of people, information on acquiring printed versions of the book and recordings of various scores. The book itself can be downloaded in PDF format and all recordings are available to download in lossless and mp3 formats.

No 16

Call for Submissions

Any recording of a musical pattern is welcome to be downloadable or linked to from this site. All recordings here are in high quality formats in order to present the work in their best form. I welcome all different takes and interpretations of the score. If you wish to upload your recording contact me at:
bomp AT

More information:

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News and Updates

Added a new recording of No 46 to the Downloads page by the composer, who also wrote an article on how his approach for the more abstract of the scores which can be read on his blog: Strategies of realization for the more abstract Musical Patterns.

Corrected versions of several files have been posted:

The Complete PDF: One page in the Pools of Sound was in the incorrect order
The Cluster Templates: Portions of several of the Cluster Templates were cut off in both the archive and in the complete PDF.
CD Contents: Updated some of the instrumentation details.

These have all been replaced with corrected versions in all of the various downloadable forms. If you have previously downloaded any of these please replace them with the corrected versions.

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