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Winter Trees. Click for more sizes
Robert j Kirkpatrick Season’s End

Here in the NW corner of the United States November is the stormiest month of the year. Once past that month things enter a sort of stasis: rain, usually more a persistent drizzle then a downpour, grey skies, skeletal trees. On today, the first day of Winter, I present a little solstice gift: Season’s End, a piece I made just a few weeks ago that attempts to capture that sense of stasis.  It is constructed from electronics that seem to burble and drift along with a cold edge to them, overlaid with a faint dry bowing that sometimes rises out of the background. But like the end of Autumn the stasis is a surface impressions, just below is a shifting matrix of activity.  This piece works best, in my opinion, played open air fairly softly, keeping it right on the edge of attention. While I don’t think it managed to 100% capture what I was going for it works pretty well in this situation.

(download lossless version and check out a few more of my Winter Trees)