Saturday June 13th
“¢ Curated by Volume
closing party and performances at the Lawrimore Project

This Saturday (tomorrow as of this post) is the last day of the Scores exhibit at the Lawrimore Project. I was able to check out much of this exhibit when I visited the gallery for the Trimpin film panel I reported on a few posts back.  I’ve spent a lot of time playing graphic scores and I have to say several of these impressed me with their musicality.  I’ve been trying to get back to the gallery to more thoroughly explore the exhibit but alas its been a very busy period with the day job.  So I was happy to get an email looking for musicians to perform from these scores at the exhibits closing party.  This event takes place between 2-4pm Saturday, June 13th at the Lawrimore Project gallery.  I’ll be performing at some point in that period along with other local musicians.  So if you are local come on down and check out the scores and performances.

I’ll post again with more on this exhibit and how the performances went later. You can check out images of several of the scores at the Scores page on the Lawrimore Project website or from the website of Volume who curated the exhibition.