The Curve of the Earth electric score excerpts

A page has been added on the Hollow Earth Recordings website to archive all of the Curve of the Earth performances, media, text, reviews, the score and so on. Forthcoming performance information and such will still be posted here but this page will be the best resource for tracking all of the activities and related material which are already on multiple sites. While certainly in progress it has already been populated with information on the premier performance, a PDF of the score (Full instructions and the Observations but only excerpts of the electric score so far as I haven’t scanned the whole thing yet), all of the audio that has been generated so far and  a handy compendium of all of the posts on The Curve of the Earth and related scores. This page will be regularly updated as said events occur and will be the primary resource for tracking especially this initial performance of the score.  Recordings will be archived there as SoundCloud, which has been used so far, has a limit to the amount that can be uploaded there. Recordings will be initially uploaded there and as new ones are made will be replaced and the older ones made available for download from the archive.

Additionally an email newsletter for Hollow Earth Recordings news has been setup.  This will be extremely infrequent, but if interested send an email to news AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com with the subject line Subscribe. More info can be found on the Hollow Earth Recordings website.