The Book of Musical Patterns
a book of symbolic scores by Robert j Kirkpatrick

No 36 Hollow Earth Recordings presents:

The Book of Musical Patterns a collection of 50 musical patterns along with 10 mutators that can turn any of the patterns into a new score.  A musical pattern is the bare essence of a composition, the structure as it were. Sounds are represented by symbols leaving all aspects of their generation up to the performer.  There is a set of simple rules on to guide the performer in wringing music out of these miniatures. They exist in many ways as a challenge to the musician – how to take so little information and restrictions and turn this into compelling music. If this sounds interesting then there is a lot here to inspire you. The patterns are divided into seven diverse styles that rate from algorithmic to pictorial.   Additionally the book includes a set of templates that can cut out and placed over the scores to create a new set of scores. For more information on how the scores came about and what they are trying to achieve see the information page.

Additionally there are two CDs of recordings of a small subset of the scores. While not meant in any way to define how these scores sound, they simply provide an example of how they can be interpreted.

Andrew Woods, Eric A. Peacock, Robert j Kirkpatrick
The Seattle Improv Meeting plays from the Book of Musical Patterns (HER008)
Trio versions of six of the scores demonstrates an aspect of group performance of these scores. A wide diversity of sounds and techniques highlights the diversity that one can apply to these scores. This CD is included with the book of scores or can be downloaded or acquired separate.

Robert j Kirkpatrick
Selections from the Book of Musical Patterns
( HER009)
Contains five of the scores as interpreted by the composer.  Stark, spare and uncompromising these interpretations showcase one particular approach towards these scores.

No 16
No 16 from the Book of Musical Patterns

As is always the case from Hollow Earth Recordings these are all available in virtual and physical media. The Book of Musical Patterns is available in PDF format as either one file, or as each individual score.  They are meant to be printed at 11×17 if you take this route. Additionally books will be printed on demand for those who want a physical copy. See this page for details on acquiring a physical copy.

The CDs again can be downloaded in both lossless and compressed formats with pdfs of the covers. The Seattle Improv Meeting plays from the Book of Musical Patterns comes with the The Book of Musical Patterns but can be downloaded or acquired separately. For information on attaining a physical copy, see this page.