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“I have dreamed a dream, but now that dream has gone from me.”


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SFMoMA - Mark Rothko, No. 14, 1960

The progression of a painter’s work as it travels in time from point to point, will be toward clarity…toward the elimination of all obstacles between the painter and the idea.. and the idea and the observer…To achieve this clarity is inevitably to be understood.”

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Sinbad the Sailor and Tinbad the Tailor and Jinbad the Jailer and Whinbad the Whaler and Ninbad the Nailer and Finbad the Failer and Binbad the Bailer and Pinbad the Pailer and Minbad the Mailer and Hinbad the Hailer and Rinbad the Railer and Dinbad the Kailer and Vinbad the Quailer and Linbad the Yailer and Xinbad the Phthailer.
– James Joyce, Ulysses, Ch. 17

Happy Bloomsday