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ErstQuake 2 - 34
Sean Meehan at ErstQuake 2 in 2005

It’s going to be a lengthy process but I’ve begun transferring photographs that have been stored on my Spiral Cage site into sets on Flickr. Flickr sets I think have better organization, are easier for people to find, amenable to search and allow me to more or less archive the photos at the resolution they were taken without compromising view-ability.  It’s going to take a long time, since I’ve put up a lot of galleries and I’m trying to hunt down the originals of most of them so that they can be archived at higher resolution.  For those interested in the photos that get transferred the higher resolution should be a plus but also in some cases I’ve put up a few more photos than in the original galleries.   I probably won’t put up a post here every time I move a set, but might highlight some of the more notable ones.

The first up for these was my photos that I took of the ErstQuake 2 festival at Collective: Unconscious in New York City, NY, USA way back in September of 2005. I’d written revews of these shows which I’m ashamed to admit I’d never moved over from the old blog, but have now done so. These can all be found in the new ErstQuake 2 category.  Anyway if interested check out my ErstQuake 2 set on Flickr.

Cosmos at VNM Oct. 21st 2004
Cosmos at Vancouver New Music

Being on a bit of a roll, I’ve also uploaded the pictures I took from a Cosmos set as part of a Vancouver New Music festival in October 2004. Again there was an old blog post which needed to be moved, which can now be read here. All of the photo I took from this show are now in my Cosmos at VNM Flickr set.

Tour Abstracts - 20.jpg

grey sequence no.4

grey sequence no.3