Sounds from the Floating World
Robert j Kirkpatrick Sounds from the Floating World (HER 010)

1) Ten Ten Kyoto Overlay…………..(10’10”)
2) Ryoan-ji (for John Cage)…………(13’13”)
3) Tokyo Electric……………………….(33’33”)
4) One Ten Over Kyoto………………(01’10”)

Press Release:

Hollow Earth Recordings are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our tenth release: Sounds from the Floating World. This compact disc contains four tracks assembled from recordings that Mr. Kirkpatrick made in the parks, public transportation, gardens, temples and various other venues in the environs of Tokyo and Kyoto Japan in the fall of 2008. The pieces contained within are examples of what the artist refers to as assemblages and overlays. An overlay is a field recording which is used as a sound source for a new recording along with an additional performance. An assemblage is a piece constructed from field recordings to form a new narrative in which this individual recordings are single elements, sometimes layered, sometimes allowed to play out on their own. The compact disc comes packaged in a vinyl sleeve allowing it to present the artwork in an ideal five by seven format. Each of the three major pieces on the compact disc have an associated photograph which can be best appreciated in this format. For additional details on the pieces and their associated art please see the Sounds from the Floating World page.

Considering the integrated nature of the artwork and the music a physical copy of this release is the ideal way to experience it. Thus this release is being initially offered as a limited run CD-R with handmade packaging by the artist. As with all of our releases it will be made available for download, in this case after it has gone out of print. As per the artists intentions these will be sold for little more then material and shipping costs: US$5.00 domestic, US$7.00 international. For inquiries or to order via PayPal please contact us at mgmt AT hollowEarthRecordings DOT com or use the PayPal buttons located on the Sounds from the Floating World page.

So this is my latest CD released on my own Hollow Earth Recordings label.  This one is pretty different then my usual abstract experimentation’s in that it is constructed pieces sourced from field recordings I made in Japan.  Each of these pieces has a narrative arc which in itself is fairly abstract especially considering that this arc is fairly removed from the source recordings. It also works as a sketch of parts of modern Japan, I can’t be help reliving my visit there every time I listen to it. Anyway it is harder for me to assess the potential audience for this one, those who aren’t as into my purely instrumental music could find more to like here, but perhaps some that do like that music will have little time for lo-fi field recordings.  So if curious one of the tracks was created for and published as part of Bagatellen’s excellent Listen project and can be downloaded here. With not necessarily indicative of the entire album (its an Overlay, and the other two main tracks are Assemblages) it still makes for an excellent taste.