IHM Comp IV disc 1

The fourth compilation of music from members of the i hate music community has just been released. As always it is a net release that can be streamed or downloaded in its entirety from the IHM Comp IV page. I’ve submitted a track for each of the IHM Comps to date and once again a piece of my music has made it in. I almost always try to submit something that is representative of current directions in my music for these comps and my piece for this more or less continues in that direction. More or less as I’d think of it as a transitional piece – I’m not likely to do something quite like this again.  It also follows on directly from the piece I did for the last comp and is the middle piece of a proposed trilogy of pieces.  Anyway give it a listen along with the rest of the comp which was brilliantly put together by Alastair Wilson. Thanks to Al and all those who participated in making  the music, imagery and site.