Welcome to the new blog, same as the old blog.  Things are still a work in progress here with updates to the style sheet, links, catagories and a bunch of old posts all needing to be adjusted, setup, added, etc.  Note that while I’m transfering my old posts here I don’t think I can move comments over. Which is a shame, but so far it seems like it’ll be too time consuming. But I’ll give it a try. Anyway in the future all of that stuff is archived and salvagably so comment with impunity here! Speaking of which all of the annoying issues with commenting at the old blog are resolved here. Note that I need to approve each user so until I do your post won’t show up. That’ll only happen once and then you’ll be in. So bear with me a bit as it sometimes takes me a while to get around to approve.

Thanks for reading, I hope the new blog makes reading and particiapating a more pleasent experience.