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Eleven Clouds

Eleven Clouds

(01) I’m not completing any thoughts. (January 2010, 3″ cd-r.)
(02) Skipping Stones (February 2010, 33’33” cd-r. )
(03) Vertical Landscapes 1-5/aeolian electrics (March 2010, Painting with 2×5″ cd-r. )
(04) Mid-Spring (rock, breath, 12kHz) (April 2010, 3″ cd-r.)
(05) An delay (May 2010, 2×3″ cd-r. )
(06) 100 Black Kites (June 2010, box of assorted items. 4×3″ cd-r.)
(07) A Closed Letter (July 2010, 3″ cd-r.)
(08) 47° 32′ 25.80″ N / 121° 54′ 32.0″ W (August 2010, micro-c60. )
(09) Fugue State (September 2010, 5″cd-r.)
(10) Sometimes the rain is hard to see (9 haiku) (October 2010, mini-cd-r.)
(11) …and yet (November 2010.)

Pictured above is the complete Eleven Clouds. A confession: throughout the course of the project, even as limited as each release was, one copy was held back for the archive” . Said archive is pictured above. This was done with the intention that this archive would end up in the hands of a single individual, so there would be one person, beyond the artist, with all of the releases” . It has been decided that the complete”  Eleven Clouds Archive will be sent to a randomly selected individual who has inquired after the final Eleven Clouds release …and yet. That release, as stated in the press release, is available to any who ask and from that list a single person shall be selected to receive not only …and yet but the entire Eleven Clouds Archive“¡ .

As of the writing of this post there are still copies of …and yet available. So strike while the iron is hot! However all people who inquire after this release, including those that exceed the number of available copies will be entered in the drawing for the complete archive. So there is absolutely no reason not to take the plunge. This offer is open to anyone worldwide with no restrictions including previous recipients of other Eleven Clouds releases“¡ .

Send your inquires to: mgmt AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com

”  Caveats
1) Of course there is only one real copy of 100 Black Clouds, a unique puzzle box filled with undisclosed objects. However this archive includes the music, presented in the same four disc format of the original release. It has been housed in a vinyl pocket with a photo of the original release
2) Likewise 47° 32′ 25.80″ N / 121° 54′ 32.0″ W really only exists as a micro-cassette buried on a riverbank (perhaps) in the Cascade Foothills. In this case the archive contains the simultaneous recording that was made with a voice recorder. Again a custom sleeve was generated with the promotional artwork.
3) The pictured Vertical Landscape is not the one included in the archive. The archive version is Vertical Landscapes 1 which had been wrapped up securely in brown paper for its journey to the east and was not unwrapped for this photo.

“¡ Additional Caveats
A list has been kept of who has received which release for the entire project. If the winner of the archive has previously acquired Eleven Clouds releases said releases will be excluded from the archive as sent to them. These releases will be randomly sent to other recipients of …and yet who of course also do not already own said release.

As always feel free to contact us at mgmt AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com

Fugue State discs front

Fugue State discs all ready to be mailed out.  Some updates to the acquisition procedure are outlined in this post on i hate music.

Eleven Clouds


Fugue State
Fugue State

Fugue State, the September entry in the Eleven Clouds project, is a 43′ CD-R packaged in a vinyl pocket. This conceptual process piece was created in the following way. Utilizing his persona on the i hate music electronic message board the artist initiated a thread on the subject of improvisation in 2010 (for which, see here). While a participant in this thread it was of course allowed to proceed normally and after several days it had generated several pages of responses. The first page, plus one post, of responses were then collected into a text file with minimal editing (primarily web addresses were changed into text) which was then read aloud utilizing the OS X “Alex” voice and recorded to a file. The resultant audio file was used to create a source audio file which contained silences corresponding to the amount of time in between posts (scaled to 1 minute = 1 second). This new file was burned to CD-R and was played in the worlds cheapest compact disc player, through a very cheap FM transmitter, captured by a nearby FM radio (also cheap) and fed into a Nord Micro Modular. The patch the Micro Modular was running (pictured below) was designed to radically transform input, particularly frequency modulated input and patterns of speech. While any text run through this system would lead to similar sound, the pace, feel and structure of this piece depend on the source material. In this way the twelve people who participated in this thread up to the cut-off point can be thought of as collaborators in this piece.

Nord Micro Modular patch utilized in this  piece

How to acquire a copy

Fugue State is released in an addition of twelve (12) and is available only to the collaborators on the project. If you are one of the twelve people who participated in the State of Improvisation 2010 thread between 1:29 on September 8th and 7:12 on September 9th please send you mailing address to the electronic mail address below.

For more information please feel free to contact us at
mgmt AT hollowearthrecordings DOT com