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SFMoMA - Mark Rothko, No. 14, 1960

The progression of a painter’s work as it travels in time from point to point, will be toward clarity…toward the elimination of all obstacles between the painter and the idea.. and the idea and the observer…To achieve this clarity is inevitably to be understood.”

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Jasper Johns Target with Four Faces (1955, MoMA)

“I’m interested in things which suggest the world rather than express the personality… The most conventional thing, the most ordinary thing – it seems to me that those things can be dealt with without having to judge them; they seem to me to exist as clear facts, not involving aesthetic hierarchy.” -Jasper Johns

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Robert Rauschenberg Rebus (1955, MoMA)
Robert Rauschenberg Rebus (1955, MoMA)

“The Material is never wrong, it’s only me that can be wrong.”
– Robert Rauschenberg*

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* Calvin Tompkins Off the Wall: a Portrait of Robert Rauschenberg p. 194, Picador, 2005