I caught this duo at Gallery1412 tonight. The show was quite similar to their duo set documented on the Amplify 2002 Box
set. It started off pretty mellow, with bleats and blasts from Lehn and
denser digital segments of sound from Schmickler. These increase in
frequency and density and eventually headed toward a dense wall of
noise, with Lehn’s analog squiggles, outbursts and staticy washes mixed
in. This was pretty much the pattern over the next 40 minutes or so.
They’d go from loud washes of sounds, to lower volume sparser stuff.
There were several points where one could feel the bass cut through
ones body. The loud segments did seem louder each time culminating in a
Lehn freakout of epic proportions. The piece ended with Lehn solo,
fading out with the skronks, squiggles and bleats as it began.

There was an enthusiastic response from the 30-35 strong crowd and
they conferred briefly and then did a second piece. This one stayed
almost exclusively in mellower territory, with Schmickler producing a
dense drone that Lehn played on top of. The volume stayed lowed with
only one short segment where Lehn turned it up a bit. This all in all
was the more interesting piece to me, shorter, less predictable more
intricate. Once again Shimckler faded himself out and the set ended
with Lehn dropping in slowly fading bursts of static.