Sketch 0513a by spiralcage

After a period of inactivity in my own music making I’ve recently embarked on a new major project. This project involves the use of a type of score I’ve been working on that is meant to work in concert with a live electronics setup. Accepting the notion that a live electronics (or Network Instrument) setup is in and of itself a kind of score, this score is meant to work in collaboration with such a score. Thus the score is a priori incomplete – it requires the corresponding live electronics setup(s).  These I’ve been exploring and as I’ve been recording at least some of these explorations I’ve isolated several extracts that I’ve come to think of as sketches.

Sketch 0513c by spiralcage

These sketches aren’t necessarily representative of the work in progress but are simply explorations of aspects of a particular Network Instrument configuration. The focus has primarily been on material – can this setup generate sounds that fit the overall project and is able to contribute to the form and structure of the piece.  This project, of which I intend to document as it develops, is ambitious and complex in scope and will require it’s components to reflect that. While each individual sketch may seem somewhat limited in scope they are merely meant as an exploration of sometimes just an aspect of a particular configuration.  While they are more focused on sound than structure there is some attention paid to form and the selected extracts are meant to reflect that. They are also short since they are after all, sketches.